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CKJM Kitchen Party

This eight show series was recorded in the winter of 2002 at the Studio Marcel Doucet and features Acadian artists and Scottish fiddlers from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

Show 1 - Angèle Arsenault et Bernard Felix

Show 2 - Bluegrass Diamonds et Karen et Joey Beaton 

Show 3 - Cayouche et Howie MacDonald 

Show 4 - Grand Dérangement et Gérard LeLièvre 

Show 5 - Isabelle Roy et Jerry Holland 

Show 6 - Ronald Bourgeois et Buddy MacMaster 

Show 7 - Vishten (Celtitude) et Roland Gauvin 

Show 8 - Sylvia LeLièvre et Joe Cormier


Chéticamp, an Overview of our Region's Acadian History and Culture

This five show series is hosted by two of our volunteers, Marie Stella Doucet and Charlie Dan Roach. Interviews with people from the area and music played by local artists will help you discover old Acadian traditions still practiced in the area.

Show 1 - La chanson traditionnelle acadienne 1 

Show 2 - La chanson traditionnelle acadienne 2 

Show 3 - La chanson traditionnelle acadienne 3 

Show 4 - La mi-carême

Show 5 - Le tapi hooké


Aiseirigh Nan Gàidheal (The Awakening of the Gaels)

This eight show series is hosted by two of our dedicated volunteers, Jeff and Rebecca-Lynn MacDonald May. This show is in Gaelic with english translation. It was broadcasted on community radios stations in Scotland, part of the Highlands and Islands Community Broadcast Federation. This show is part of our regular schedule, airing every Saturday at 6:00 p.m.

Series 1 - show 1

Series 1 - show 2 

Series 1 - show 3 

Series 1 - show 4 

Series 1 - show 5 

Series 1 - show 6 

Series 1 - show 7 

Series 1 - show 8 

Series 1 - show 9 

Series 1 - show 10

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